100 Days of Code: week two and three

September 11th, 2020

This is my log for my second and third week of the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

This week's goals are to:

I took a long break away from coding outside of work so that is why this is a log for two weeks instead of one

Day 8: August 29, 2020

Today's progress: I began the redesign of the Task details pane. I got the general layout built and the sidebar written. Also re-connected most of the already existing functionality.

Thoughts: I've got to decide how I want the new Labels section to look, but not sure yet. This is very time consuming

Day 9: August 30, 2020

Today's progress: I continued to work on the Task details redesign. I finished the layout of the content & added the activity log section. Also added the comment & log components.

Still need to cleanup the margins + padding, as well as make sure everything lines up.

Thoughts: Tweaking takes forever - but I am happy with the new UI. Still not sure how I am going to redesign the labels section, but I'll leave it as the original for now.

Day 10-19: August 31, 2020 - September 9, 2020

No progress or coding was done, as I went on a break.jkj

Day 20: September 10, 2020

Today's progress: I implemented task group actions and merged the popup refactor on Taskcafe. I also did some admin stuff on the project and added a pull request template.

Thoughts: I need to decide on how I am going to implement notifications & comments and activity.

Day 21: September 11, 2020

Today's progress: I did some bugfixing and implemented the user info tab on Taskcafe. I also prepped for the 0.2.0 release tomorrow.

Thoughts: I've got a rough idea on how I am going to tackle the next feature, notitications. I posted some thoughts on the Discord and GitHub for some community feedback.