100 Days of Code: week one

August 28th, 2020

Recently I found out about the #100DaysOfCode challenge while browsing Reddit.

I love challenges (as they help me keep motivated) so I thought I'd participate in this one!

I started the challenge on Saturday (2020-08-22), which means 100 days will put me right at November 31, so that the next day I start the advent of code challenge I've done the past two years.

The main rules of the challenge is to code at 1 hour every day & tweet your progress. You can also keep a log, which is what these posts are for.

This is the first week's log & where I keep track of what I do each day.

The goals I have for this challenge is:

  • make significant progress on Taskcafe
  • learn Vue & Rust by making a devhints.io clone that has an admin backend
  • make one useful PR that gets accepted by another open source project

Day 1: August 22, 2020

Today's progress: I update Taskcafe's documentation regarding migrations & looked into how to use pre-commit hooks with eslint for the frontend code.

Thoughts: Pre-commit's documentation isn't the greatest but it looks doable.

Day 2: August 23, 2020

Today's progress: I added pre-commit hooks to Taskcafe to run eslint if any ts or tsx files change. I also updated some mobile styles on my blog to make it look a bit better.

I also fixed all the eslint & tsc warnings after adding the new pre-commit hooks.

Finally I added some logging to the CreateTask resolver to try and debug an issue.

Thoughts: I ended up having to write a custom hook, since the existing eslint hook didn't play well with having dependencies that had a @ in the name, like some of the typescript plugins. I added a magefile task that runs the linter & the hook just calls that target.

Day 3: August 24, 2020

Today's progress: I worked on the task status filter popup and was able to get the base popup UI built.

Thoughts: I will have to start tracking the etask completion date.

Day 4: August 25, 2020

Was not able to code any this day also :c

Day 5: August 26, 2020

Was not able to code any this day also :c

Day 6: August 27, 2020

Today's progress: I added tracking the task completion date & finished the task status filter popup except for filtering by completion date.

Thoughts: Not sure what the best way to filter by completion date will be.

Day 7: August 28, 2020

Today's progress: I added retrying with backoff to the initial database connection on Taskcafe for this issue.

I also finished filtering tasks by completion date (I ended up using Moment.js which made it easy).

After that, I began work on task meta filter popup (to filter by task name, member, label, and due date).

I submitted a pull request to the slack-clone project to use Cobra & Viper for it's command & config system.

Thoughts: I think the way I've built the UI for meta filtering is pretty decent - might try to find a good place to ask for feedback!