Installing JDK & IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS

August 23rd, 2019

First to install the Java Development Kit, going here.

Click the accept agreement radio button (first red box) then the download link (second red box) for Mac OS X x64:


Once downloaded, open your downloads folder & double click the downloaded .DMG file.

Following the installation prompts. If you see an option to add something to your PATH, check it.

For IntelliJ IDEA, go here.

If you have a premium account through your email, click the blue download button under Ultimate. Otherwise click the black download button under Community.

Once the file is download, go to your downloaders folder & douple click the downloaded .DMG file.

Follow the prompts.

At this point everything should be installed!

Potential Issues

  • One issue I've had in the past is that sometimes IntelliJ can't find the JDK. Following the first part of this guide should help.